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How your Karmic planets draws in Black magic

By using Vedic Astrology methods your horoscopes are prepared. From these horoscopes we work out which planets are malefic and how these can affect you. It can also leave the door open for the Black Magic or Dark energy to come in and afflict you.

If your karmic planets are Shani (which might be malefic or in combust), Rahu and Ketu then you will be vulnerable from black magic dark energy. Also you can get afflicted if you are going through Shani Sade which is 7.5 years cycle which can be very destructive and it can cause havoc in your life.

The remedies are based on Ancient Vedic Astrology and these are done on balancing the malefic effects of the above. Even more important we have to close the door which is allowing the Black Magic and dark energy to enter.

Also by putting circle of protection around you by using bhasma( ash from the fire which is used to energise the Yantras) it prevents any one casting evil eye on you or your family.

We are doing a free check for any blockages, dar…