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Karmic Astrology

We need the following to calculate your karmic planets.
From your date of birth, place and time of birth your karmic planets are calculated. How these planets affect you depends on where they are placed in your birth chart. There are remedies to balance the malefic effects of these karmic planets. Also certain karmic planets such as Shani, Rahu and Ketu draws in dark energy when malefic and going through Sani Sade, Sani Dasa, Rahu Dasa or Ketu Dasa.
The remedies are in form of mantras which are special ones for different planets and then final puja is done on the yantra and then handed over to the client. The mantras can be as much as 125000 mantras for Maha Mrityu ( long life and health).

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Remove Black Magic

Black Magic and Dark Energy can be removed using Paravidya Bhedhana and Kali mantras. You can get 9 betel nuts and 1080 mantras of each of above are recited on the betel nuts. After that light a havan with the following: about 12 green chillies, 5/6 pieces of havan wood, camphor, ghee, mustard seeds, quick burning charcoal, frankincense and dry sage. Burn the above till all of it is burnt leaving ash. This ash is mixed with the betel nuts and then spread at each corner of your bed room using small plastic containers. This will clear the Black Magic in time if correctly done.

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