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Remove Black Magic

Black Magic and Dark Energy can be removed using Paravidya Bhedhana and Kali mantras. You can get 9 betel nuts and 1080 mantras of each of above are recited on the betel nuts. After that light a havan with the following: about 12 green chillies, 5/6 pieces of havan wood, camphor, ghee, mustard seeds, quick burning charcoal, frankincense and dry sage. Burn the above till all of it is burnt leaving ash. This ash is mixed with the betel nuts and then spread at each corner of your bed room using small plastic containers. This will clear the Black Magic in time if correctly done.

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Reincarnation and karma - Vedic Astrology

Reincarnation is when we die and we are carried forward into next life to be born again. Sometimes we go through numerous birth cycles until there is no karma to be carried forward. At that stage we attain moksa which means no birth and no death.

This is the purest stage to be at and the only way to achieve that cycle is by working out all your karma and ensuring that you do not accumulate any more. Any thoughts, actions and even inactions build up karma. It is like a bank balance with debits and credits. If your bank account is heavily in debit then any credits you put into account will not show until all the debits have been cleared. This is same with Karma.

 Sometimes we come with so heavy karma from past lives that anything we do to progess will not work. Even karma manifest into diseases and illnesses. Even relationships are built with people from your past lives. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are horrendous. Even people who are close to them can get hurt or even wo…

Durga Mantras and protection against enemies and negative energies

Durga Mantras recited 108 times ( one mala) daily at sunrise can protect against enemies, blockages and even dark energy. The dark energy is generally negative energy and can be even classed as Black Magic depending on how strong it is. For stronger dark energy it is advisable to do 1008 mantras of Durga for 51 days. You can get vibhuti and charge it by reciting 1008 mantras and then use for protection around the house and even on you. Sometimes betel nuts are used to protection by energising through mantras and then putting in temple or carrying on you.
Durga Mantra  Sarva Mangala Mangalye Shive Sarvartha   Tryambake Gauri
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