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How to find your soul mate using past life readings and karmic connections

Life Soul Mates are relationships which are carried forward from your past lives. These relationships were which you had very strong Karmic bonds and you still also have that strong bond in this life.. These bonds are connections which you had built up in your previous lives. Depending on how strong the bonds are will determine how these will impact on you and your relationships in this life. There is a perfect way you can identify your karmic mate. Have you been through this scenario? You meet someone new and for the first time and yet you feel a very strong karmic connection with them. You feel that you know this person from somewhere before even though you have never met them before. Then this is the person with whom you were related to from your previous lives. You will have almost everything in common with this person. You will have the same likes even though you have never met him or her before in this life. Even more so there will a very strong bond which will draw both of you…

Reincarnation and karma - Vedic Astrology

Reincarnation is when we die and we are carried forward into next life to be born again. Sometimes we go through numerous birth cycles until there is no karma to be carried forward. At that stage we attain moksa which means no birth and no death.

This is the purest stage to be at and the only way to achieve that cycle is by working out all your karma and ensuring that you do not accumulate any more. Any thoughts, actions and even inactions build up karma. It is like a bank balance with debits and credits. If your bank account is heavily in debit then any credits you put into account will not show until all the debits have been cleared. This is same with Karma.

 Sometimes we come with so heavy karma from past lives that anything we do to progess will not work. Even karma manifest into diseases and illnesses. Even relationships are built with people from your past lives. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are horrendous. Even people who are close to them can get hurt or even wo…